Decaf Colombia Cauca
Decaf Colombia Cauca
Decaf Colombia Cauca

Decaf Colombia Cauca

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Whole bean coffee ☕️




country: Colombia
location: Cauca
producer: Various Smallholder Farmers
variety: 100% Castillo
process: Sugarcane E.A. Decaf
altitude (MASL): 1.650-1.820
cupping score: 87

The decaffeination process takes place in Colombia, which is where these beans 
originate from. After harvesting all green beans are transported to the mill
where they are selected, sorted and dried. Right before the decaffeination
process beans are put through low-pressure steam process that opens the beans
which makes further process easier. The main ingredient used in the
decaffeination process (Ethyl Acetate) is known for Sugarcane Process which is
where the name came from. Green beans are placed in water along with EA and
within that environment salts of chlorogenic acids present in coffee come in
reaction which results in natural decaffeination. This process is repeated
few times, and after 8 hours coffee is put through steam process one more time
and after that coffee beans are put out to dry.