Costa Rica El Cedral
Costa Rica El Cedral
Costa Rica El Cedral
Costa Rica El Cedral
Costa Rica El Cedral

Costa Rica El Cedral

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Whole bean coffee
tasting notes: LIME - RED GRAPE - BROWN SUGAR



-Alternative brewing methods (V60, Kalita Wave Dripper, Chemex, Aeropress, French Press)
-coffee machine, Moka Pot




Country of Origin : Costa Rica
Location : Tarrazu
Farm : El Cedral
Producer : Mervin Monge Valverde  
Variety : Catuai Rojo, Caturra
Process: Black Honey Process
Altitude (MASL) : 1.700


In November we've chosen for you coffee from El Cedral farm in Costa Rica. This farm is run by Valverde family for the past four generations and its name comes from the density of cedral trees on the farm that provide enough shadow for coffee trees. Currently El Cedral is managed by Marcina Valverde and his sons and their main goal is to produce only the highest quality coffee and to develop their skills in coffee processing, making it better but also more environmentally friendly. Their skillset comes from the experience of their fathers - knowing how to trim trees, as well as planting, seasonal maintenance and the maintenance after the crop, on such a high altitudes. Currently they grow Caturra, Catuai and Bourbon.


After harvesting coffee is transported to the near mill Palmichal and after initial wash and skin removal coffee beans along with the pulp are dried on the African beds for seven days. Then, to reach even moisture level coffee is put in a tumb dried. After drying process beans are still covered in parchment and are stored in bags for another 2 months. After this time, the beans are cleaned and then sorted by weight, density, size and colour. Only prepared in this ways are packed in sacks and ready to go.