Peru El Aserio
Peru El Aserio
Peru El Aserio
Peru El Aserio
Peru El Aserio

Peru El Aserio

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Whole bean coffee
tasting notes: PEACH - EARL GREY - RED APPLE

-Alternative brewing methods (V60, Kalita Wave Dripper, Chemex, Aeropress, French Press)
-coffee machine, Moka Pot



Country of Origin : Peru
Location : San Ignacio, El Huabo
Farm : El Aserio
Producer : Jhonny Joel, Saavedra Abad
Variety : Yellow Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude (MASL) : 1.800

Jhonny Joel Saavedra Abad and his wife Cleotilde Guerara Armijos are young married couple and sixth generation coffee producers. In 2009 they overtook El Aserio farm that is located near El Huabo in San Ignazio, in north Peru. They mainly grow Caturra, Pache, Catimor and Bourbon, but recently Jhonny has also started experimenting with new varieties such as Gesha. Apart from coffee on their farm we can find bananas, corn or beans and in the season they hire up to 50 people. 


This coffee is a part of scheme called Origin Coffee Lab. Coffees bought in this programme are either microlots or come from little and local farmers from north region of Jean and San Ignacio. Family run farms are usually 1 to 3ha and already have facilities to process coffee beans right on the farm.

Producers are supporting and helping each other during busy season. They relate to Ink's tradition by working together for a better cause.